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A client who improved relationship with her mother

I was able to release negative emotions towards my mom and at the same time I started to remember joyful memories with her. It made me feel warm feelings towards her. and keeps it. 

A client who  improved her relationship with her parents-in-law

I was able to resolve the conflict with my parents-in-law naturally. I will never forget how you helped me when I most needed it.

Mother of a child who has overcome emotional problems and phobias 

I will be forever grateful to help my 10 year old daughter to overcome many emotional issues with love , passion, understanding,  putting her needs first. 

A client who is pregnant improved her health mentally and physically

I am pleased with my improvement of my life,including my relationship with my husband and my parents by shifting the view. I also cured insomnia.

I really appreciate your work since I believe my baby is also happy.

A client who took off  10 kg in 3-4 months with weight hypnotherapy

I was able to grow up since I found out that I mistakenly thought the cookies which my grandma made was love. Thank you for unlocking the power within.

A client who let go of annoying habits, anger & fear

Feeling great, thank you for this healing. I feel like I've finally found the authentic self that I've been looking for for so long. What I appreciate the most is that eve ry session was exact solution to the issue in my hand. I feel like I played  jigsaw puzzles.

A client who got her strength regained their power

Doing hypnotherapy with your supervision was the most wonderful experience. It made me believe that I now have the power to handle any situation,to feel totally and completely confident. It has helped me to show more love to my children.

A client who released PTSD and got her strength & confidence back

I feel happy after the therapy. I am not embarrassed even if I make mistakes any more.  I am not scared of people's evaluation.Finally I started to enjoy my life. Thank you for your help.

A client who recovered from an unknown depression-like state

I learned how to release the depression-like state, the importance of relaxation, how to look at myself objectively. During the therapy, I felt the change and hope that I am going to the right direction.

A client who has gained the confidence to build good relationships 

The inner child therapy was relaxing and I was able to resolve my issue by communicating with my inner child who had a root cause. I am now able to understand not only myself but people around me much deeper that before.I feel I got a wisdom how to build a relationship.

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